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Terms & Conditions

If you are using or have used our services it is understood that you have agreed to the terms set forth on this page.

Last updated: April 14th 2024

Webedge Pty Ltd as trustee for Webedge Trust | ABN 29 852872985

Webedge® asks you not to use our website or services until you have read these Terms & Conditions. Webedge is a Registered Trademark (TM No: 1967337).

The content contained on this website (excluding these terms & conditions) is provided for information purposes only. While this content has been compiled in good faith, no representation is made as to its entirety or accuracy. Webedge makes no commitment and disclaims any duty to update, correct, or provide notice as to any error or omission in any report or other information (excluding these terms & conditions) contained on our website.

Webedge reserves the right to review and revise our Terms & Conditions. Any additions or modifications to our Terms & Conditions will be passed on to our clients with reasonable notice and in good faith that no amendments will affect your rights as a customer. Webedge reserves the right to add, modify or delete all other content on our website at any time.

If you are using or have used our services it is understood that you have agreed to the terms set forth on this page.

References to “We”, “Webedge”, “Us” and “our service” refer to Webedge and its respective products and services. References to “you”, “your”, “customer”, “client” and the like, refer to you, and your agents. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time, therefore, you must check our website regularly. Your continued use of our services implies acceptance of any subsequent revisions.

If you have questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions, please first contact us.

General Terms


Terms of invoice payment are strictly 7 days unless otherwise agreed. All direct debit recurring payments are due on the date of invoice. Webedge accepts payment by Bank Transfer and Credit Card.

Webedge uses Zoho Invoice and Stripe secure servers for all recurring payments and Credit Card transactions and processing. Webedge uses GoCardless to facilitate direct recurring EFT transfers. We do not accept Cheques.

By agreeing to our terms of service and providing your payment details to our payments platform you authorise Webedge to reconcile any agreed outstanding/overdue payments with your saved credit card on file.

50% of the agreed project fee, unless agreed otherwise, will be paid before work commences. In the event of longer projects, all invoicing may be split into agreed milestone payments. The final payment will be taken upon completion of the finished project before the website goes “live”, at which point all outstanding payments will be due.

Website Hosting
Hosting rates will become effective once the website has been established. Hosting will be charged at the rate of your agreed Website Hosting or WordPress Maintenance plan and will be charged yearly or monthly in advance. If you are not happy with your service then you can cancel your hosting at any time via email. From the time you receive your cancellation confirmation from Webedge, you will no longer be billed. No retrospective cancellation is possible. All website hosting plans are non-refundable. Cancellation of hosting services requires a 30-day notice period.

Project Postponement
If a project is postponed or cancelled by anyone other than Webedge after more than 50% completion then the balance of work will be invoiced and then completed at the customer’s continuation date (if any). If the project is cancelled before 50% completion then a refund will be issued minus charges accumulated by Webedge or any 3rd party costs that Webedge incurred during the project. These prices will be calculated at our standard design rate based on the hours already spent including any 3rd party costs. Initial deposit costs are non-refundable.

Webedge will notify you immediately of any changes in project development status, and make appropriate arrangements. If a project in development is cancelled by Webedge you will be refunded in full minus any 3rd party expenses providing you have not breached any of the terms and conditions set out here.

A request to cancel the project must be made in writing to Webedge and include the signature of the authoritative client.


Webedge can provide general support by phone and email.

Support included in all web design packages

  • Billing enquiries;
  • General hosting enquiries.

The following attracts a support fee of $140 per hour (inc. GST):

  • Face-to-face support;
  • Scope meetings where a transfer of knowledge and ideas is involved;
  • CMS (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc.) support or assistance (phone and email);
  • Content & design changes;
  • Setup of your Website Hosting on an external hosting environment;
  • Setup of Email accounts;
  • HTML/CSS/Coding training, support or troubleshooting;
  • All application support and assistance (e.g. WordPress, Photoshop, Joomla, Outlook, Google Suite, Google Tools, etc.);
  • Time spent investigating a reported issue for which Webedge is not responsible.

Urgent tasks that require a same-day turnaround or requests outside of business hours or on a weekend (i.e. within 8 business hours), as well as technical training and transfer of knowledge training will attract a rate of $240 per hour (inc. GST).

Support Master Service Agreements (MSA)
All support issues requiring less than 1 hour of work will be attended to within 2 business days of the support email or phone call being logged. Support issues requiring more than 1 hour of work will be given a timeframe and you will be notified within 2 business days of the support email being logged. All support requests must be logged via email. SMS or phone call requests will not be logged or tracked. Where applicable, support fees may apply. Any tasks or requests that are deemed urgent by the client (i.e. due within 8 business hours) will be subject to our above priority rate.

Webedge is an independent supplier and as such is not an employee of the client. When entering into a Master Service Agreement or Project Agreement with Webedge unless otherwise stated Webedge is not entitled to any employee benefits that would normally be provided to a client’s employees.

Your privacy

We will never sell, lease or distribute your contact details to any 3rd party. We will never disclose information relating to your company to any other 3rd party. We will only reveal data about your account if compelled to do so by law.

Fair use policy

We employ a fair use policy on our websites. If we believe, for any reason, that you are not behaving in a manner expected of a Webedge customer then we reserve the right to terminate your account – effective immediately.


We make efforts to ensure that our website and all of our services are online 24/7 every day of the year. There are however times when our website will be down, sometimes for things that we cannot control and others that we can. When your website is offline we will do our best to get it online as soon as possible. We will not be held responsible for damage, events or losses directly or indirectly related to your website being offline.

Website Hosting

Webedge is a Synergy Wholesale Website Hosting reseller. We are not liable for your website and we make no guarantees that your website will work with other hosting providers. We endeavour to provide at least 99% uptime on all of our Web Hosting. If in a given month, we do not reach this target, we will not offer compensation. We do our best to keep our client’s sites online but cannot be held responsible when websites are offline.


The limit of our liability (whether in contract, tort, negligence, strict liability in tort or by statute or otherwise) to you or any third party concerning performance or non-performance of the Services for any claims, shall not in the aggregate exceed the fees paid by you to us by these terms. Your exclusive remedy for any claim arising out of these arrangements shall be for us, upon receipt of written notice from you, to use commercially reasonable efforts to cure the breach at our expense, and failing that, the return of fees paid to us for the work related to the breach. Our liability in contract, tort, negligence, strict liability in tort or by statute or otherwise will be reduced by the extent, if any, to which you contributed to the loss.

Webedge shall not be liable to you or be deemed to be in breach of our obligations to you because of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of our obligations in completing the services.

You shall defend and indemnify us from and against any loss, damage, liabilities and claims made by any third party arising out of or relating to the services or any use by you of the Work. You will reimburse us for all expenses (including counsel’s fees) incurred by us in connection with any such action or claim. We believe that the systems we use are highly secure from the actions of hackers, viruses and other problems on the internet but can make no guarantees. All of our websites include an easy-to-use Website Backup tool and it is up to you to backup and ensure the integrity of your data offline. Webedge can provide a regular backup of your site for an additional fee, or as part of one of our WordPress support packages.

Webedge does not warrant any of its services and is not responsible for any grammatical errors found in the submitted material you provide. Webedge will not be liable for indirect, special or consequential damages, or any loss of revenue or profits, arising in connection with the projects that we develop/developed. Webedge agrees to resolve any errors made by Webedge free of charge within 14 days of your website going live. After this period all changes to your website will be subject to our support fees specified above.


The Customer shall not submit for use by Webedge anything whose use would constitute an unauthorised dealing with copyright material. In the event of any breach of this condition resulting in such an unauthorised dealing, the Customer shall remain liable to pay all sums due to Webedge under the relevant contract and shall further indemnify Webedge against any loss, costs or expenses attributable to such unauthorised dealing.

All copyright and other intellectual property rights in any work created, commissioned or otherwise acquired by Webedge in the implementation of any contract between Webedge and you shall remain with Webedge until full payment has been received. For these conditions, WORK means and includes any artistic, literary or dramatic work within the meaning of the (amended) copyright. Under the Copyright Act, the creator of any artistic work is the first owner of the copyright. This means, that if no prior agreement has been made regarding copyright, then the designer or “creator” of the “work” is the copyright holder. Webedge will retain the rights to all original design work and source files. A Customer may negotiate a change to ownership at the commencement of any formal contract or project.

Images on your website

If we use stock imagery on your website you do not own these images, ownership is retained by the image rights owner. Such images can therefore not be used or re-used for any other purpose and can only be used as they were placed onto your website by Webedge. Any editing of the dimensions in which they appear may contravene their usage rights. Do not copy the images and use them in other promotional materials. If you wish to own the images on your website or use them for another purpose, please contact us and we will endeavour to put you in contact with the image rights owner. This, of course, does not apply to images that you own and provide to us for use on your website.

Unless otherwise arranged with Webedge, you agree to a backlink to at the footer of your website.

Website content

All services provided by Webedge may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data, or material in violation of any Federal or State law is prohibited.

Websites from Webedge cannot be used to disseminate, communicate, store or transmit:

  • content sexually explicit in nature;
  • information that contains viruses, worms, or malicious elements;
  • copyright infringing data;
  • trade secret protected data;
  • data that infringes on any intellectual property, publicity rights or privacy rights;
  • is defamatory, harassing or threatening;
  • relates to illegal business operations or schemes;
  • contains deliberately misleading, incomplete or deceptive content; or
  • is deemed inappropriate by Webedge.

Governing law

This website is governed by the laws of the state of Victoria, Australia. Any dispute arising from the use of this website or services will be settled in this jurisdiction.

Website hosting payments

Unpaid invoices may result in the suspension of your web hosting services. Any website hosting or WordPress maintenance plan that includes website hosting will be suspended 14 days after the invoice due date. Thus, you have 14 days to pay the invoice for the shared hosting services before your account is suspended. If the outstanding balance is not paid within 30 days after the billing date your hosting account may be terminated for non-payment (at the discretion of Webedge).

Victorian supplier code of conduct

The Victorian State Government’s Supplier Code of Conduct is available on the Victorian Government Purchasing Board website. Updates and amendments to the Code will also be available on their website.

Webedge acknowledges that:

  1. the Supplier Code of Conduct is an important part of the Government’s approach to procurement and describes the State’s minimum expectations regarding the conduct of its suppliers;
  2. Webedge has read and will comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct; and
  3. the expectations set out in the Supplier Code of Conduct are not intended to reduce, alter or supersede any other obligations that may be imposed on Webedge, whether under these terms & conditions or at law.

Modern slavery

In performing its obligations under these terms & conditions, Webedge warrants and agrees that it will (and will ensure that each of its sub-contractors will):

  1. comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) (Modern Slavery Act); and
  2. take reasonable steps to ensure that there is no modern slavery (as that term is defined in the Modern Slavery Act) in Webedge’s (or its sub-contractors) supply chain or any part of its business.

Webedge represents and warrants that to the best of its knowledge, neither Webedge nor its officers, employees or other persons associated with a supply chain that has a connection to the services provided to you under these terms & conditions has been convicted of any offence involving modern slavery or has been subject to any investigation, inquiry of enforcement proceedings by a legal authority involving modern slavery.

Webedge must notify you as soon as practicable after it becomes aware of any actual or suspected modern slavery in a supply chain that has a connection to the services provided to you under these terms & conditions.

SEO Terms

The Client acknowledges that by entering into an ongoing SEO service agreement they are bound by the SEO Terms and Conditions below, and the General Webedge Terms and Conditions above.


SEO: Search Engine Optimisation
FTP: File Transfer Protocol
CMS: Content Management System (i.e. Joomla, WordPress)
URL: Uniform Resource Locator (web address)
SERP: Search Engine Result Page


SEO is governed by many factors which are outside the direct control of Webedge and indeed, any other SEO company. Search Engines are third-party systems with unknown variables, algorithms and indexing decisions that can change at any time, over which we have no control. As such, no SEO specialist can offer a 100% guarantee of getting your website ranked #1 on any major Search Engine for your desired keywords.

Webedge only uses honest, ethical and completely legitimate techniques and accepted standards to improve your Search Engine Ranking – no tricks, no invisible text, no dodgy black hat methods. Some other SEO companies around the world use illegal software to spam Search Engines to improve the website rank quicker, but this usually results in a permanent ban on the website. By working with search engines and not against them, Webedge ensures that clients have the best chance of achieving high organic search engine result page (SERP) rankings.

Webedge will provide the services with reasonable skill and care. Notwithstanding the previous sentence, the client acknowledges that Webedge has no direct control over Search Engines and cannot guarantee the speed of performance of technologies provided by Search Engines in relation to the delivery of the services.

The quantity and the description of the services shall be as set out in the Project Brief.

Webedge operates within the major Search Engines in Australia and worldwide. Listings will appear on either or .com engines depending on the website’s status, and the decisions of the Search Engines.

SEO & Hosting

The website should be hosted on a reliable server, based in the country of Search Engine interest, with constant availability, for optimum results. Webedge cannot be held responsible for problems or additional costs arising due to any errors made by third parties, or failure to maintain a current copy of your website. Backups can be made at the client’s request.

Website downtime can severely affect SEO. Downtime can potentially cost the client their ranking positions for their desired search terms, and even a short period of downtime can affect Webedge’s SEO efforts. If the client’s website experiences downtime due to server error, maintenance or any reason outside of the control of Webedge for a period of more than 3 days, Webedge will not be able to fulfil the service requirements as set out in the Project Brief.

If the client’s website becomes unavailable for any reason (e.g. if the server is down or unavailable, timed out, or shows to be active but with internal server errors, 404 errors and other types of common or uncommon errors associated with the internet and its underlying infrastructure), the client will not hold Webedge responsible for these errors. Any traffic delivered to the client’s website during this downtime will not be credited or refunded. If any of the above errors occur including any errors not listed but intended, the client may submit in writing a request for the ad campaign to be placed on hold. Upon resolution of the problem the held campaign will continue.

The client acknowledges that there may be occasions when the client’s website or the websites of any third parties may be out of action for limited periods due to technical difficulties or routine maintenance of a third-party server, and Webedge shall not be liable to the client for any downtime of this sort.


The client agrees to supply Webedge with the necessary FTP and CMS backend access to the website to optimise the website unless otherwise negotiated.


Search Engines change their inclusion policy ranking algorithms and methods all the time, and unless the site is maintained with necessary analysis, tuning and necessary alterations, a highly ranked site is unlikely to hold that position for very long.

Ongoing Search Engine optimisation is important. Webedge advises that regular, fresh content added to the website will help to improve the stability of rankings within search engines. By accepting this agreement, the client understands fully that regular, unique content plays an important part in the success of their website and that failure to add unique content will lessen the impact of the SEO services provided by Webedge.

Search engine submission

The client gives permission for Webedge to set, create and or set up relevant accounts with search engines on behalf of the client, to fulfil its obligations under these terms.

Search Engines will rank websites with differing strategies, so it’s technically impossible to rank highly on all the major Search Engines at the same time.

Some Search Engines use the algorithms and services of bigger Search Engines. The client acknowledges that any addition or alteration to the listing of the website in any Search Engine may affect the listing in other non-targeted Search Engines.

Search Engines have differing scheduled times to crawl and index submitted sites into their database, ranging from hours to months. No SEO firm can speed up the process in an ethical way.


If during the SEO contract period between Webedge and the client, the client uses a third party (other than Webedge) for Search Engine optimisation and/or associated workings, Webedge cannot be held responsible for any consequential loss of listings or associated damages that may arise.

The client must inform Webedge of any alterations relating to the website by the client or a third party that may affect the services supplied by Webedge, including but not limited to deletion, alteration or additions of URL addresses, URL redirects, Landing Pages and their content, confirmation pages and their content, and the removal, overwriting or deletion of any of our optimisation changes. If alterations are made by the client or a third party to the client’s site, Search Engine placements may be affected and Webedge cannot be held responsible. Webedge reserves the right to issue a charge to rectify any problems to regain listings.

If, after signing with Webedge, the client or a third party makes modifications to the website that use unethical SEO techniques to try and achieve high listings on the Search Engines (such as cloaking, hidden text, keyword stuffing, etc) or add pharmaceutical, gambling or pornographic links to the website that have no relevance to the website, Webedge will issue a 7-day cancellation request. If the questionable techniques are not removed within that time, Webedge will cancel the existing contract with immediate effect and all fees payable to Webedge will be retained. Webedge will not be held liable for the effects caused by the client or a third party using unethical techniques.


Webedge is under no obligation whatsoever to accept the cancellation of the services or the cancellation of orders incorrectly placed.


Webedge reserves the right to refuse to handle:

  • Any media which is unlawful or inappropriate;
  • Any media that contains a virus or hostile program;
  • Any media which constitutes harassment, racism, violence, obscenity, harmful intent or spamming;
  • Any media which constitutes a criminal offence infringes privacy or copyright;
  • Any other questionable media at Webedge’s discretion.

Warranties and liability

Webedge warrants that the services will at the time of delivery correspond to the description given by Webedge, either verbally or using the Project Brief.

The Client agrees Webedge is not liable for any failure to carry out services for reasons beyond its control including but not limited to acts of God, telecommunication problems, software failure, hardware failure, third-party interference, Government, emergency on a major scale or any social disturbance of extreme nature such as industrial strike, riot, terrorism and war or any act or omission of any third party services.

The Client agrees Webedge is not liable for the absence of service as a result of illness or holiday.

Webedge is not liable for any consequences or financial losses such as, but not limited to, loss of business, profit, revenue, contract, data or potential savings, relating to services provided.

Webedge shall have no liability to the Client or any third parties for any damages, including but not limited to, claims, losses, lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of the operation of or inability to operate the website, even if Webedge has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

There are sometimes laws and taxes that affect Internet E-commerce. The Client agrees that it is their responsibility to comply with such laws and will hold harmless, protect, and defend Webedge from any claim, suit, penalty, tax, or tariff arising from the Client’s exercise of Internet E-commerce.

Webedge may from time to time recommend to the Client that updates are needed for their website to comply with, including but not limited to, new legislations, software releases and web standards. Webedge reserves the right to quote for any updates as separate work. The Client agrees that Webedge is not liable for any failure to inform or implement these updates to their site. The Client agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, save and hold Webedge harmless from any demands, liabilities, costs, losses and claims arising from omission to inform or implement these updates.

WordPress Maintenance Plan Terms

Webedge provides WordPress Support Plans to keep our clients’ WordPress websites secure and performing at their best, with regular updates and other services.

WordPress Support Plans are provided on a month-to-month basis, and clients can cancel at any time. No refund will be given for unused time that has been previously paid for. Payment on invoices issued before cancellation will remain due in full.

Details provided by the client during the sign-up process will be used as the point of contact unless otherwise specified.

By registering for our WordPress Support Plan and completing payment, you (the client) agree to be bound by the terms and conditions on this page and our General Terms & Conditions above.


The Client is engaging Webedge as an independent contractor for the specific task of providing regular WordPress maintenance and support as described on the Webedge website. To enable Webedge’s fulfilment of this agreement, the client agrees to provide Webedge with access to the following:

  1. FTP access username and password (if this is difficult we can create a new one through the hosting account).
  2. Access to the website’s cPanel (typically provided in the hosting account).
  3. WordPress administrator-level username and password.

The Client also agrees to allow Webedge to install any plugins into their WordPress website or make other revisions as required to provide maintenance and support services.

Official updates and communication with the client will be made via email.

Maintenance services

In addition to WordPress core and plugin updates as released, maintenance and support services are provided to keep your website running and in stable condition. Note that time for maintenance services other than WordPress core software and plugin updates, post-update review, and fixing any bugs or issues that arise after updates, may be considered additional maintenance and taken out of your monthly support time.

  1. Minor tweaks are required to keep your website running and looking right (up to the amount of time included in your support plan, with additional hours available at a 10% discount). These may include (but are not limited to) fixing browser rendering issues due to browser updates; plugin or theme issues that appear after a software update; adjustment of CSS for minor branding changes (colour, logo, typography, etc.); troubleshooting and fixing features or functions that stop working inexplicably.
  2. Full review after software updates to find and fix bugs or new issues. As the client will typically be more familiar with the detailed workings of each site, the Client should notify Webedge of any new bugs, issues, or problems requiring maintenance during this agreement.
  3. Webedge will provide support for a website’s existing plugins until they are no longer supported by the plugin author or compatible with any other part of the WordPress environment. In these cases, Webedge will endeavour to find and install suitable replacements for these plugins (the time to do so will be taken from the client’s support plan time).
  4. Bug-fixing as it arises. It is understood that in some cases, due to the changing nature of the Internet, things may not work or look identically to how they did before maintenance or bug-fixing. As long as there is no usability or accessibility issue created, the bug or maintenance issue shall be considered resolved. That said, we will always do our best to keep your website working and looking as great as possible.
  5. Database optimisation will be performed to help keep your site running as fast as possible. Spam and post revisions (older than the most recent ten) will be purged to help keep your database running optimally.
  6. WordPress core, WordPress plugins, frameworks, and themes are kept current with the latest stable version except that theme updates will not be performed on sites that do not have a stable, properly-coded child theme in place (otherwise, theme customisations will be lost).
    • Only commercial themes and frameworks that can be uploaded via the theme uploader and updated automatically within the WordPress administration interface are included in the updating service. Themes and frameworks requiring special attention may incur an additional hourly charge (any additional charges must be pre-approved by the client before Webedge commences work).
    • Websites must keep all customisations separate from files that are part of recurring software updates. If the client’s website code is overwritten due to a theme update, Webedge will not be responsible in any way.

Please note: WordPress Support Plans work best when websites adhere to current web standards, including but not limited to WordPress theme development standards and W3C HTML/CSS validation. Failure to do so makes maintenance and support difficult, and Webedge may exercise its right to refuse the inclusion of a website in its support plans for this reason.

Uptime monitoring & security services

24/7 Uptime monitoring

The client and/or the hosting company will be notified by email immediately upon a website going offline. Webedge will work with the host to ensure that site-down issues are resolved and will notify the client as soon as the site is back online.

Security scans for malware

  • If there is a malware issue found, the client will be notified and provided with recommendations for malware removal and site recovery;
  • Our security scans are an “as is” product using third-party tools. As such, we are not responsible for their findings or any malware effect on your site.

Support services

Webedge provides support for troubleshooting, how-to reminders, content updates, host liaison, and consulting. The time to provide these services is deducted from the number of support hours provided on a client’s plan (for example 30 minutes per month on the Professional Plan). Unused time does not roll over to the next month.

  1. Support is available via email. Support requests must be made by email to Requests may be made anytime.
  2. Our customer support is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, AEST; excluding all public holidays. We may be available outside these hours, but such availability is not guaranteed and is not automatically granted or assumed as part of this agreement.
  3. Webedge is committed to a 2 business day turnaround on any task that takes two hours or less (most tasks are accomplished within 24 hours). Urgent requests (less than 24 hours) may be accomplished but will incur a rate of $240 p/hr (inc. GST).
  4. WordPress Support Plans are offered “as is”, with no implied warranty or guarantee that your website will function exactly as you wish (there are sometimes limitations as to what components work together, what hosting companies will allow, or what requirements 3rd-party components and plugins will have).
  5. If your support issue requires significantly more web development time than is included in your plan, we will quote it as a separate project, outside the WordPress Support Plan. An example would be a website redesign, the addition of significant new functionality, or the development of a brand-new application.
  6. Webedge does not automatically support custom web development by third parties on a client site. If we agree to work with custom code that is not well-commented, we may require access to the original developer to help. It is highly recommended that the client contact Webedge before any web development by others (outside Webedge) is initiated so that we can advise the client on the suitability and potential pitfalls of new development. If Webedge is called upon to fix website problems due to additional development by third parties, such fixes may incur an additional hourly charge.
  7. During the duration of this agreement, the client agrees that no other party will make modifications to the client’s website database, plugins, or files (other than as needed for regular content management); any non-standard changes to the theme that could result in loss of edits; or any modifications that affect the core or plugins that could result in the loss of edits. If a party other than Webedge makes changes to a client’s website, any errors that are created, that must be repaired, will be done so at the client’s additional expense.

WordPress support plans do not include

  1. Domain management or services (although we can work with your domain management and make changes to your domain settings or services on your behalf as part of your monthly support time);
  2. Website design, website redesign, website development, or website redevelopment (these projects can be quoted separately);
  3. Search engine optimisation services (although you may use your support time to have us make recommendations based on your SEO reporting);
  4. Non-WordPress websites;
  5. Website migrations (although these can be quoted separately);
  6. Set up accounts for services/products other than WordPress – other than installing their WordPress plugins, embed code or tracking code in your website (e.g. Active Campaign, Mail Chimp, Facebook, Google Ads, Google My Business, Google Search Console, YouTube);
  7. Email support, management or maintenance.


Clients shall not share, resell, or attempt to share or resell the services provided by Webedge WordPress Support Plans; transfer or attempt to transfer its agreement to any third party to use; and/or access any proprietary information obtained from Webedge for any purpose without the prior consent of Webedge.

Webedge is committed to protecting your privacy

Please read our extensive Privacy Policy for more details on how we protect your information.


If the services described in the Plan are or become unavailable, then Webedge will use reasonable measures to repair and reinstate those services within 24 hours of detection. Where such unavailability is due to the negligent failure of Webedge to deal with circumstances within its control and is for more than a total of 24 hours in any 30 days then Webedge will at its discretion either pay to clients compensation limited to a refund of the monthly fee paid or provide a credit up to the same amount.

Neither Webedge nor anyone else who has been involved in the creation, production or supply of the services described in the plans or any additional services shall be liable to the client or any other person for any loss in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty) or otherwise howsoever and whatever the cause thereof because of or in connection with the contract or those services for any:

  • economic loss of any kind whatsoever, or
  • loss of profit, business contracts, revenues or anticipated savings, or
  • damage to your reputation or goodwill, or
  • loss resulting from any claim made by any third party, or
  • special, indirect or consequential loss or damage of any nature whatsoever, and you shall indemnify the Webedge from and against any claim which may be made against Webedge in respect thereof.

Webedge shall have no liability for loss or damages arising from being prevented or delayed in or from performing any of the services described in the Plan or any of the additional services, due to circumstances beyond its control. Such circumstances are, but shall not be limited to, governmental acts, war, riots, strikes or trade disputes (including by and with our employees), technical failure, general availability of the Internet, power failure, communications failure, weather, flood, fire or explosion, natural or local emergency.


Upon the client’s payment in the first month in full, it will be implied that the client wishes to engage Webedge for ongoing support and maintenance through a WordPress Support Plan. Webedge will then request the required information (e.g. FTP access, cPanel access, hosting login, WordPress login, etc.). Upon receipt of the required information, Webedge will begin support services.

All monthly charges will be made by recurring automatic charge to the client’s credit card or via EFT (the client must provide Webedge with credit card information and authorisation to charge it on a recurring basis).


The client may cancel the services at any time, provided that payment is up‐to‐date. No refund will be made for monthly payments already made before cancellation.

Webedge also reserves the right to terminate its agreement with a client at any time, for any reason, without prior notification and will provide a cancellation notice either electronically or in writing sent to the address of record for the client.

Direct Debit Authority Terms

Webedge uses Zoho Invoice and Stripe secure servers for all recurring payments and Credit Card transactions and processing. Webedge uses GoCardless to facilitate direct recurring EFT transfers.

By agreeing to our terms of service and willingly providing your payment details to our payments platform you authorise Webedge to reconcile any agreed outstanding/overdue payments with your saved credit card or bank details on file.

You, the Client, authorise Webedge to

  • make periodic direct debits of your account for services rendered;
  • make periodic direct debits of your account for Webedge’s fees and charges including:
    • Webedge’s fee in the event that you fail to meet a periodic direct debit; and
  • make the periodic direct debits in accordance with:
    • these Terms and Conditions; and

You will refer any disputed debit item or amount to Webedge.

When Webedge may terminate a direct debit agreement

Webedge may terminate a Direct Debit Authority and cease to provide the direct debit service at any time by written notice sent by mail or email.

When a Client may terminate this direct debit authority and what may happen

The Client may terminate this Direct Debit Authority by providing thirty (30) days’ notice to Webedge.

If the Client gives notice to terminate this Direct Debit Authority, Webedge may make any periodic direct debits due within the thirty (30) days notice period.

If a Direct Debit Authority is terminated by either party, any contracts, agreements or payment obligations the Client has with Webedge will not be affected.

What my happen if the amount of the periodic direct debit is varied

If Webedge, in compliance with these Terms and Conditions, varies the amount of the periodic direct debit,

  • Webedge will provide a minimum of 30 days notice to the varied amount;
  • Webedge will do so without requiring a signed agreement; and
  • Webedge will do so without requiring a new Direct Debit Request Form.

Client responsibility in relation to periodic direct debits

The client must:

  • inform Webedge of any changes to their account;
  • inform Webedge of any changes to their contact details;
  • do all things reasonably necessary to facilitate the periodic direct debiting of their account in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;
  • have a suitable account available for the periodic direct debits; and
  • have sufficient funds available in their account for the periodic direct debits.

What may happen if the Client has insufficient funds

If the Client does not have sufficient funds in their account for the periodic direct debits and they do not have a genuine dispute with Webedge, Webedge may:

  • charge them a failed payment fee for each unsuccessful debit;
  • charge them the failed payment fee even though they have also been charged a fee by their financial institution.

Webedge will not:

  • be liable for any fees or charges that arise because the Client had insufficient funds in their account; or
  • provide any information or explanation regarding unsuccessful debits of the Client’s account.

The Client must:

    • direct any enquiries about unsuccessful debits of their account to their financial institution.

When a delay might occur

A delay may occur in the processing of a periodic direct debit if:

  • there is a public or bank holiday on the day or the day after a payment is due to be made by direct entry;
  • a payment is received either on a day that is not a banking business day or after the normal close of business on a banking business day;
  • Webedge does not receive a request for variation in time to process the request prior to the next due periodic direct debit;
  • information supplied on a Direct Debit Request Form or any requested variation is incomplete, incorrect, illegible or, for any other reason, does not allow Webedge to process the information promptly;
  • The client does not meet their responsibility to have sufficient funds available in their account; or
  • there are failures or difficulties with technology.

What Webedge will and will not do in relation to variations with periodic direct debits

Webedge will not be liable for any faults in the direct debiting of the Client’s account caused by:

  • fraudulent activity;
  • security hacking;
  • environmental disasters;
  • failure of technology systems used by Webedge;
  • any fault in the technology systems used by Webedge for direct debiting; or
  • any delay or interruption caused by the technology systems used by Webedge to facilitate direct debiting, except where such faults arise from Webedge’s own negligent acts or omissions.

The Client authorises Webedge to communicate with them

The Client authorises Webedge to communicate with them to:

  • validate and confirm their identity;
  • validate and confirm their authority for periodic direct debits.

Release and indemnity to Webedge

The Client releases and indemnifies Webedge in respect of:

  • any payment made by the Client or any direct debit of their account made by Webedge under these Terms and Conditions;
  • any claim they may have concerning the payments made by them under these Terms and Conditions; and
  • any situation where, despite their account being debited by Webedge, Webedege fails to provide or suspends the provision of services to the Client, except where loss or damage arises due to Webedge’s negligent acts or omissions.

The Client acknowledge that:

  • if any of these Terms and Conditions or any part of them is illegal or invalid, then only those terms and conditions or that part of them will be void and the remainder will remain in full force and effect.

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