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Financial Newswire is dedicated to bringing breaking news to active participants in the Australian financial services industry including financial advisers, family offices, superannuation trustees accountants, insurers, fintech providers, fund managers and investment professionals.


Financial Newswire was looking for a modern take on the classic newspaper website layout. Embarking on a transformative journey with Financial Newswire, beginning with logo design and branding strategies, we aimed to encapsulate their essence in every facet of their online presence. The centrepiece of our collaboration was the creation of a WordPress website, meticulously tailored to their needs.

Integrating automated news feed displays, we ensured visitors stayed informed with real-time updates. Seamless event form integration with SalesForce streamlined user interactions, fostering engagement and participation. Beyond functionality, we prioritised aesthetics, infusing the site with visually captivating elements that captivated and retained audiences.

Throughout the project, our focus remained on delivering a website that not only met but exceeded expectations. Our partnership with Financial Newswire resulted in a digital platform that truly embodied their brand ethos and elevated their online presence to new heights.

We gave Webedge a challenging brief – to deliver a financial news site within reasonably tight time-frames. They listened and they delivered.

Mike TaylorManaging Editor/Publisher Financial Newswire