Project Description

Original Salt Lamps


Original Salt Lamps engaged Webedge to create a fresh, modern and clean BigCommerce website that stood out from their competitors. We were also commissioned to provide a complete branding solution including business cards, stickers, logo design, thank you loyalty cards, packaging and more.

Working closely on their social media we also managed to build a dedicated audience of 35,000 people.

The resulting website was a huge success, and enabled Original Salt Lamps to streamline their processes, optimise their ordering system and increase sales by 218%.

Original Salt Lamps


  • 2014
  • BigCommerce
  • E-Commerce
  • Logo & Branding
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Mobile Responsive


In this niche, alternative industry it was imperative that the website managed to stand out from the substandard offerings from our competitors. Andrew and Webedge managed to construct a website that blew the rest of the field away.
Tristan Richard, Owner, Original Salt Lamps
Original Salt Lamps Home Page
Branding Examples
Original Salt Lamps Loyalty Rewards Card