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Gilton Valeo specialises in immigration law ranging from the management and service delivery of corporate visa programs to representing clients before the Federal Court. They pride themselves on being able to provide their clients with accurate and timely advice on developments to immigration legislation and regulations and how the law affects them.

Gilton Valeo have had a close working relationship with Webedge since 2009. We have been involved in 2 website rebuilds as well as email marketing and social media strategy. Their most recent website redesign involved developing payment forms, a custom design and ensuring mobile responsiveness adhered to all standards.

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From conception to implementation and launch, Andrew from Webedge has been the consummate professional. Being at all times ahead of schedule, our ideas have become a marketing reality thanks to the tireless efforts and counselling provided by Webedge. I highly recommend Andrew and Webedge to any business considering their online presence.
Troy Andres, Executive Director, Gilton Valeo
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